August 22, 2014

How to Check PayPower Prepaid Card Balance

Before you make purchase or online payment or any transaction you need to know how much balance you have available on you PayPower prepaid card, because PayPower Prepaid Card is a prepaid card. This is a alternative to credit cards and checking accounts as with prepaid card you can only use what is loaded, so there are not overdraft or interest fees. It is also safer than cash. There is no credit check or overdraft fee when you get a PayPower prepaid card. With PayPowre prepaid card you can make purchases wherever Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide. You can also use you PayPower prepaid card to make online, phone or mail order purchase. If you want to know how much balance you have on your PayPower prepaid card you can check your balance by online or phone. You can check you PayPower prepaid card by five ways.


1. Check Balance by Email Alert: Sign up for free email alert PayPower will mail you when any activity associated with your card account like daily balance, bill payment activity or payment authorizations.

2. Check Balance by SMS: Sign up for free SMS alert PayPower will send you SMS for your account activity like your account balance, bill payment activity and more. Remember it is free for US, but your cell phone carrier may charge for SMS messages, and your phone must be enabled to receive SMS text messages – please check with your carrier.

3. Check Balance Online: Go to the PayPower official website at and to you account by entering your Username and Password.

4. Check Balance by Phone: Call PayPower 24-hour automated phone system toll free at 1 (888) 633-9432.

5. You can check you PayPower prepaid card from ATM it will be charged you


PayPower Prepaid Card FAQs

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